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Herbalex Heat patches with Horse Chestnut + lumbar belt

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Herbalex Heat patch with Horse Chestnut

The pleasant heat provided by the Herbalex Heat Patch with Horse Chestnut effectively relieves muscle and joint pain, as well as tension and discomfort in the shoulders and lower back. The beneficial effect of dry heat has long been known and it is a proven method of muscular and joint pain relief. After removing the patch from the protective case, the active substances contained in the pad begin to react in contact with oxygen, causing the patch to heat up. The effective deep heat of this heat patch lasts for up to 15 hours. The Herbalex Heat Patch with Horse Chestnut delivers even more relief thanks to aescin and aesculin content.


The Heat Patch with Horse Chestnut is intended for external use. After unpacking, carefully peel off the protective film and apply the adhesive side of the patch to a thin close-fitting garment (chemise, vest, a thin T-shirt, etc.) over the painful area of the body. Applying the patch directly to the skin is not recommended. The heat patch is intended for single use only! It can be applied for maximum of 24 hours. The Herbalex Heat Patch with Horse Chestnut can be used anytime during the day, however using the patch over night during sleep is not recommended. 


Do not apply to injured skin; do not use the product in case of hypersensitivity to any of the listed ingredients. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a dry place at room temperature. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not take out the content of the pad, as it may be accidently inhaled. Only use the patch for the intended purpose! Like other heat products, this patch can also cause skin irritation and burning. If the heat patch becomes uncomfortably hot, if significant redness of the skin occurs, or if you experience other adverse effects, stop using the patch immediately. 

Lumbar belt application:

Remove the heat patch from the protective case. Do not remove the protective layer so that none of the sides of the pad are sticky.

Insert one or two patches into the pockets of the lumbar belt as required.

Always apply the pad so that the printed side is facing the body.

Wrap the lumbar belt closely around the body and fasten it with the Velcro fastener.

Thin clothes can also be worn underneath the belt.

Composition: Iron powder, Carbon black, Aqua, Sodium chloride, Vermiculite, Aesculus Hippocastanum – fruit powder


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