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How to get rid of backache?

Back pain afflicts almost every one of us. We can't get out of bed in the morning, and bending down to tie our shoelaces is too difficult a task. Not to mention lumbago. Here are some tips on what to do when your back starts to ache.

Back pain is divided into groups according to which part of your back hurts. Is it the cervical spine? Thoracic spine? Lumbar spine? Another important treatment factor is whether the pain is acute or chronic.

Backache manifests itself in many ways. From ordinary pain through sharp stabbing pain to pain shooting into the legs. Sometimes the pain is so severe that one cannot move or stand at all.

A return to our ancestors

Our great-great-great-grandparents hunted game, grew crops, tried to get fire, lived in groups and started walking “on the hind legs”. Our spine has adapted to this. But then the industrial revolution came, people moved to cities, began working in factories and offices.

From eternal movement we have gone more to a sedentary lifestyle. Cars and, more recently, computers have contributed to this too. From being active, we have become, to a certain extent, lazy. Comfort is the most important thing for us.

Back pain

More and more people are afflicted by it; it is one of the most widespread diseases of civilisation. This is due to poor posture, stress, obesity, sedentary work, one-sided activities. But to be fair, back pain can also be the result of getting chilled, an injury or may be related to an illness.

It afflicts children too

Unfortunately, back pain is not reserved for adults only. There are more and more children, especially schoolchildren, with poor posture. Due to the lack of movement, children experience unilateral loading, disorders of the statics of the spine or even flat feet.

In addition to one-sided loading, heavy school bags, carrying backpacks, sitting at unsuitable desks and lack of movement are certainly to blame. Children should play sports. But beware. Problems can also occur when focusing on a single sport. It is necessary to exercise and strengthen the whole body, not just one part of it.

How to prevent backache?

It may sound like a cliché, but a healthy lifestyle is important. In addition, strengthening the muscles around the spine, good posture and balance.

What should be paid attention to?

  • Choose the right mattress. We namely spend more than half of our lives sleeping. A mattress made of cold and memory foam is ideal.
  • Pay attention to the back support while lying down
  • After waking up, stretch out in bed before getting up. Then turn on your side, put your feet off the bed, lean on your arm and sit up. Never sit up from a supine position.
  • Those of us sitting at a computer most of the day should get a suitable chair. Ideally a balance one equipped with a swinging seat on a spring. The knees should be slightly lower than the buttocks, the full length of feet should rest on the ground.
  • Beware of lifting heavy objects incorrectly. Always position yourself in such a way that you keep lifting in one direction throughout the whole time.

How to treat back pain?

If you experience back pain after excessive exercise or have done something unusual, rest. You can control the pain with medicines called muscle relaxants. Depending on the severity, see a doctor who may order bed rest.

In addition to pills, you can also try topical medicines in the form of ointments and gels containing active ingredients. Not only warming gels, but also patches containing analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents can bring relief.

The effects of heat can work wonders

An ancient technique that brings relief even today. Go to an infrared sauna, apply a heating cushion to the sore spot, try warming patches or a wrap.

Heat treatment works well for both chronic pain and stiff muscles. However, it must be applied correctly. Forget about it if you suffer from:

  • Oedemas
  • Haematomas and bruises
  • An open injury
  • Inflamed skin
  • Diabetes

When the acute phase subsides, rehabilitation is a good idea. Avoid risky movements, give your back a light exercise and dry warmth. This will prevent the transition to chronic pain.

What would our grandmothers recommend?

Grandmothers always know what to do. What do they recommend to anyone whose back hurts?

  • Plenty of exercise
  • A bath with rosemary extract
  • St. John's wort oil
  • A shoulder blade massage – if you don't have anyone to massage them for you, just stand by the door and massage them with the door frame

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