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Movement for improvement of cellulite

For the majority of women a deposit of excessive weight is typical on the buttocks, hips and thighs. And it is precisely in these areas that the occurrence of cellulite is most common.

It is necessary to realize that women are naturally determined to have a broader lower part of the body compared to men. It is related rather to gender than age. Women need pelvic bones to cope with delivery and to keep the growing fetus in the abdomen. Genetic factors also play a role. A sedentary and inappropriate lifestyle is a major problem. The body's muscles have markedly less tone than if we were to perform more demanding sport activities. If some excess weight is added and orange-peel skin it causes psychological problems associated with the issue of "what to wear".

Women with a pear-shaped body often try to reduce their body weight and measurements by following various diets and even fasting. However this results in a strained facial appearance and often causes less circumference around the breasts and not around the lower part of the body.

If you want to achieve changes in your body's appearance below the waist you have to do resistance exercises - to overcome some resistance.

In addition, it is necessary to add aerobic exercise that ensures burning of excess fat in your body, including the problematic areas.

Brisk walking for more than 20 minutes, or riding your rotoped or bike are sufficient.

You can get help with CELLULITIS, a cosmetic product from Herbamedicus. This product contains herbal extracts, such as marine algae, coffee, green tea, and it has four grades of effect:

  1. Warming and perfusion of the skin which increases microcirculation of blood, improves metabolism in the respective area and hence better nutrition.
  2. Stimulation of the lymphatic system causes elimination of toxins and purification of the affected area from the undesirable waste substances.
  3. Acceleration and support of the energetic metabolism in the fat cells improves breakdown of undesirable fat.
  4. Dissolution of small scars due to collapsed fat cells which "pull inside" the surface of your skin and cause uneven skin texture is called "orange-peel skin".

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